In recent days we have been in contact with clubs who have notified us of receiving an alarming email about our systems. For everyone who has been in touch with us so far and for others we have contacted, we appreciate your patience and support to help us while we work through these claims.

We are so pleased to have such amazing clubs using our platform and look forward to continuing these strong partnerships and building our community further over the years to come.

This page contains updates related to a potential data leak through our systems. Updates will be provided within 24 hours or as more information becomes available.

13th September 2019 – 1:15pm AEST 

In the past 24 hours Get has further advanced its investigations into the alleged data breach.  We are employing considerable resources to our thorough investigation of the matter, which will continue as long as is necessary for a comprehensive solution to be reached. Unless any specific matters develop further over the weekend, the next of these updates will be provided on Monday, 16 September.  We recommend that at this time users of our platform should be alert to any phone calls, text messages, or emails from unknown sources.

12th September 2019 – 1:15pm AEST

Get is continuing its active approach to addressing the alleged data breach.  Our priority is to effectively and comprehensively respond to this situation. We will fully comply with all relevant legal obligations in the circumstances and constructively engage with the relevant authorities.  Get is also progressing its investigations into this incident through use of both internal and external resources and expertise.  We recommend that users of our platform remain vigilant to any suspicious contact and communications, if received, at this time.

11th September 2019 – 1:31pm AEST

Get is continuing its investigations into the alleged data breach.  We are working continuously to undertake a comprehensive response to this matter, which we are taking with the utmost seriousness.  In this regard, Get is engaging appropriate external professional services to ensure its actions are thorough and fully appropriate to the circumstances at hand.  Get will fully comply with relevant regulatory and law enforcement obligations and associated agencies.   In the meantime, users of our platform should, as always, remain wary of any unusual phone calls, text messages or emails.

10th September 2019 – 1:44pm AEST

Get is continuing its thorough investigations into the alleged data breach. We appreciate the patience of our partner clubs, many of whom we have been in open and honest communication with over the previous days. Should we discover that any data was obtained from our database we will contact affected individuals.  In the meantime, users of our platform should, as always, remain wary of any unusual phone calls, text messages or emails.

9th September 2019 – 2:39pm AEST

Get advises that its services continue to be active and organisations who have events and other sales occurring on the platform can continue. We are continuing our investigations and will provide a further update when it becomes available.

8th September 2019 – 3:45pm AEST

On Friday evening (6th September) a number of organisations which use our platform were alerted to a potential vulnerability in our systems. An article was shared (which was quickly removed) detailing how data could be obtained from our platform. 

We became aware of this on Saturday (7th September) and have spent the last 24 hours investigating the claims.

Our engineering teams immediately acted by: 

  • 1) Addressing the potential vulnerability: Our API calls were checked and tokenised to ensure subsequent data security. 
  • 2) Communication with organisations: Began communicating directly with organisations who use our platform about the actions we are taking in response.
  • 3) Further Review: Began review of all API calls to further determine if unauthorised access had occurred prior (1), and if be, what data had been accessed.

If we become aware of any specific information which has been compromised we will notify the organisations, their members and report a breach. No personal payment information is stored in Get’s databases and payments are processed by a secure third party payment processor, responsible for many of the world’s online transactions.

Further updates will be provided via this page within 24 hours or when more information becomes available.