No, guest checkout is available for all items including membership cards. It is not compulsory to sign up for an account.

Not at all! Downloading and using the mobile app is optional. Purchasing items and accessing one’s event tickets can be done without the Get mobile app, however, the mobile app does provide added convenience.

If you need a refund, please reach out to the event organiser to check if refunds are possible. Event organisers determine their own refund policies, and if refunds are allowed, we will help them process the refunds.


Get’s platform is completely free when it comes to creating an organisation account or setting up items.

A fee only occurs when a credit card transaction takes place. Fees can be absorbed or passed onto your customers. Fees are not charged if the ticket or item is free.

To inquire about our fees for Singapore, please email us at [email protected].

Not at all. You can request for a payout whenever you want and for however much you want. Payouts are limited by your available balance.

From Web App

1. Manually input team member’s details
Choose Team Members from the left menu -> Click on Invite New Team Members on the top right hand corner -> Fill in team member’s details

2. Share Link to your team members
Choose Team Members from the left menu-> Check Allow Join Team by Link -> Click copy icon that appears -> send URL to your team members

From Mobile App

Once you’ve chosen your organisation to manage, from Settings choose Add Team Members or Invite to Team via link.

Yes. To easily manage the organisation account and events. Certain functions like ticket scanning are only possible through the use of the mobile app.

The Get mobile app is available for download on iOS or Android.


Go to your organization page -> Sell -> Event Tickets -> Guest list -> QR code icon (next to the Search for attendee… bar)

Click into Guest List at the top of the event management page, in Settings, choose Hide from Public.

Click into Guest List on the top of the event editing page, then in Settings, choose Export CSV.

From the mobile app, it is possible to delete events, but only in the case where tickets have yet to be distributed.

Otherwise, when you cannot delete an item on Get, please contact us via intercom. (The pink chat bubble icon on the bottom-right corner)

Of course! On the event editing page click Create Tickets -> Guest Information -> “add questions to the registration form”

Go to Quick Links on the left menu, then choose Collect Booth Payments

Sure thing! On the event editing page, choose the bottom right icon  – Change your event design.

Yes, it is possible.

From Web App ONLY

From within the event’s editing page, click on the second icon on the right – Share & Invite People


Access Event Tickets page from the left side menu. Then under the column Actions, click on the last icon – Share & Invite People

Check ‘Publish the event’ on the top right of the event editing page

1. Event editing page
Click on the second icon – ‘Share & Invite People’, which is on the right hand side.
2. ‘Event Tickets’ page
Under actions, click into the last icon – ‘Share & Invite People’

Thank you messages will appear after the payment has been made successfully. It will also be in the confirmation email. 

Due to security reasons, you cannot delete any transaction records.

Go to Guest List -> Show and select payment method. The icon next to the payment method would show the discount code used.

Steps is the number of tickets being sold. Some tickets need to be sold in batches for each ticket tier. For example, a Step of 2, 4 & 6 means guests have to buy 2, 4 or 6 tickets when they register.

Sure thing! On the event editing page, there is an Add to Guest List icon on the right, you can add the member’s details to the event guest list so they won’t need to register.


Choose Members on the left menu, click Import Member CSV located at the top right hand corner.

Choose ‘Memberships’ on the left menu and click into an existing membership card. Under ‘Card Benefits & Deals’, you are able to add, manage and view partner benefits.

All partner benefits are deals organised by each society themselves to reward members of the club. All partner benefits added will be shown on the organisation public page, under the Memberships tab. In no way is Get affiliated with any of these deals. 

Each membership card will be assigned an unique membership number.
Members may be required to put in their membership card number if they are purchasing membership-only tickets.

Yes. You can have more than one membership card from different organisations and brands.
However, you cannot have more than one from the same organisation/brand.

Due to our privacy terms, you are not allowed to download or export members details. 


3 minutes: that’s all it takes to create a page for your organisation your personal account, to get started. After that, invite your team members to the organisation and start selling event tickets, membership cards and merchandise!


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