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Digital memberships

Manage your club or society memberships, provide them with exclusive members-only discounts or club-exclusive partner promotions. 

The Google Forms of Ticketing is here

Balls? Professional/networking events? Luncheons? Workshops? Ski-trips? Festivals? Halloween parties? Done. 400+ organisations (& growing) have sold 250,000+ tickets via Get, for all types and occasions. 

Easily create, design and share, gorgeous, simple & secure ticketing pages that create more buzz, which also notifies when friends are actually going. Flexible ticketing settings for any custom needs e.g multiple ticket types, sales dates, quantity limits. Grow your reach a ticket a time.

Sell Swag for your members

Sell hoodies, t-shirts, hats, bags, just about anything really. Share links to promote and even sell online to your members. Our platform will allow you to provide customizable options (colors) and sizes while also helping you with inventory tracking.

Manage your club or society on Get now!

Save time & money from switching between 7+ apps to do what Get can do for you in just one – Invite your team on board & be in sync. Be a leader you were set out to be. Make your committee & organisation members proud. Share the good news & try it TODAY. 👑 👉