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Refer a Club

When they join and add their members to Get, we'll hook you up with $50 in cash or the referral bonus outlined in your partnership agreement.

Refer us to the club via email.

CC us in the same email
[email protected]

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Terms & Conditions

If you are the first individual and/or collective (hereafter “Referrer”)  to successfully refer a new club/society (hereafter “New Club”) to Get via email, a referral bonus will be paid on satisfaction of all the following conditions:

1) The referral is made to Get via email to New Club, copying (CC) [email protected] to the email correspondence;

2) Referrer is the first to refer New Club;

3) New Club must join Get;

4) New Club must import its digital membership to Get OR complete the running of an event using Get;

5) New Club must have at minimum 50 active/current members;

6) Maximum of 10 referral bonuses available per Referrer.

The referral bonus paid to Referrer will be $50 AUD, unless otherwise specified in an existing partnership agreement.

Once Get receives the email and confirms that the conditions above have been satisfied, Get will contact the successful Referrer for their banking details. The referral bonus will then be disbursed within 10 business days, to a nominated bank account.