Nobody likes fees,
so we've made ours the cheapest!

1.5% + 50c per item sold

* Free items incur no fees

Get has no monthly fees, and lets you create unlimited team member accounts to manage your page.




Use a single dashboard to easily distribute and manage student memberships anywhere you go.


Take the guesswork out of event management with built-in tools that help you create, promote and execute events.


Sell your merch to anyone, anywhere. Track your sales with real-time analytics and gain the insights you need to grow.

Our Features

  • Dynamic, cloud-based membership information
  • Automated visibility to new clubs added to campus
  • Create club memberships
  • Allow members to access partner/sponsor benefits
  • Unique digital card for every member
  • Membership import (CVS file integration)
  • Multi-club permissions and access control
  • Contact club members via SMS blast
Event Management
  • Ticket scanning and attendance tracking
  • Register for event entirely online
  • Register for event in-person
  • Limit event registration to students
  • Transfer tickets for last minute no-shows
  • Secondary market for ticket holders
  • Ability for members to view attending friends
  • SMS/Email confirmations
  • Your own online store
  • Sell anything you want to your members, or the public
  • Fully customisable options - size, colour, style
  • Collect all the information you need - address, contact details, etc.